Through the screen

An illustration showing two glowing hands reaching through a lit up screen of a smart phone, a lot of little hearts are also coming through the screen. The focus is the screen screen, hands and hearts, which are lit up while the rest of the image falling into darkness. The image is painted in hues of blue, purple and pink.
Media: Digital.

A bit of a topical illustration about how the use of the internet and video calls has been the norm for how people communicate with their loved ones, especially with the global pandemic which have kept people in quarantine, lock down, or in one way or another separated from their family and friends.

I think we’re quite lucky to live in a time where we are able to communicate with people so easily through the internet and with devices being so readily available, at least that is the case for a lot of us. It has been very useful for families and loved ones who are currently separated due to the global pandemic, as it does help people see each other while they’re having a chat, while staying at a safe distance. It has also closed the generational gap, as there are more elderly embracing this kind of communication with their loved ones, as they have been unable to receive visitors for a very long time. The pandemic has made it clear how useful video chat and different mobile devices are and how you are able to better share things from afar and help others take part in events they might otherwise. Hopefully this is something which can continue after the pandemic is over, as people might still be unable to travel to events for whatever reason. Of course this also covers people in long distance relationship or are otherwise forced to be in a different place than their loved ones, be it because of work, school or other important commitments.

It’s also an illustration of online communities where people can find support and encouragement. While there is a rise of online communities as a result of the pandemic, they have been around for a while on forums, chat servers and of course on social media, often with members located in different countries and even continents. I do realise that there are some harmful online groups, and groups spreading misinformation, but there are many more which are helping people.