Underwater rubbish

A turtle with six-pack rings stuck around a flipper, a fish caught in a see through plastic bag and other plastic debris floating around the ocean.
Media: Digital.

Plastic, no matter how big or small, poses a threat to our wildlife. Six-pack rings are known to end up around limbs and even necks, slowly cutting off blood suppy to the animal, leaving it in agony as it cannot get rid of it itself. Some animals end up eating the plastic, which they cannot digest. While others get stuck in bags, but might hopefully manage to get out.

Our oceans are filling up with plastic, and the wildlife is suffering. We have to attempt to use less plastics, especially single-use plastics. Where possible we have to recycle the plastic or dispose of it in such a manner that it isn’t carried away by the winds and into the wild, be it forests or seas. There is only one planet, and right now, we are killing it.