Wash your hands

A raccoon washing its hands in soapy water, with the text 'Wash your hands' underneath. The image is painted in hues of blue and yellow.
Media: Digital.

Sometimes we all need a bit of a reminder that washing our hands is important. Since the Corona pandemic broke out people have been more diligent about making sure to wash their hands, and even not touch their face. During 2020, a lot less people contracted the flu, which has been in part because of a heightened awareness to wash our hands, but might also be down to wearing masks, and keeping our distance to people.

As the world is opening up a bit more, the need to wash our hands might also fall by the wayside of other precautions put in place due to the pandemic. I wanted to create a little reminder that it’s still important to wash our hands, and what better animal than a raccoon for that? Yes, I know the raccoon has a bad rap and even has been nicknamed “trash panda”. But in Norwegian the literal translation for our word for raccoon is “washing bear” as it’s been known to dip items in water. While it may seem this behaviour is to wash the items, scientists believe it’s more closely linked to the raccoons being very tactile and that they get a much better feel for the item underwater.

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