A stylised digital portrait of drummer Andy Hurley.
Media: Digital.

Another portrait where I merge my stylised imagery with limited colour palettes with portraits. It’s part of a series of portraits where I drew all the members of Fall Out Boy in this style. Mind you, Andy isn’t just the drummer of Fall Out Boy, he also plays in a bunch of other bands such as The Damned Things, Racetraitor and SECT to name a few. This portrait is based on a photo in this post found on the Instagram account of Yoyoka, a 10 year old drummer who played with the band during a set in Japan last year.

Previously I painted another series of the paintings of all of Fall Out Boy’s band members, but in a naturalistic .

I’m also available for commissions, be it portraits, like this, or projects which could use an artist/illustrator, feel free to get in touch!