A digital portrait of multi-talented musician Patrick Stump.

Patrick Stump

Media: Digital.

When I saw this image of Patrick Stump on Fall Out Boy’s Instagram account, I felt like I had to draw his portrait. The reference image gave me so many different challenges: from lighting and textures to the expression. Of course this image took several hours, but I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. The two images can also be seen more easily side by side in this Instagram post

A digital portrait of drummer Andy Hurley.

Andy Hurley

Media: Digital.

I felt like challenging myself some more with this image of Andy Hurley, not only was the colours a fun challenge, but I’ve also never really drawn tattoos. The reference image I’ve used can be found in as image number three in this post on Fall Out Boy’s Instagram account. It might be easier to see the images side by side on my Instagram post.

A digital portrait of bassist and lyricist Pete Wentz.

Pete Wentz

Media: Digital.

Next portrait up is Pete Wentz, which is based on an amazing amazing photo by Elliott Ingham, which is photo number four in this Instagram post. The lighting, colours and contrasts are just wonderful, and super inspiring. The drawing and reference image can also be found in this Instagram post.

A digital portrait of guitarist Joe Truhman.

Joe Trohman

Media: Digital.

This image of Joe Trohman doesn’t have as crazy colours as the others, but it posed a challenge in its own sense. I wanted to capture different textures, and using a coloured shadow rather than black. The reference image can be found as image number six in this post on Fall Out Boy’s Instagram account. Again, it might be easier to see the the two images side by side in my Instagram post.