Grace Jones

A digital portrait of model, actress and singer Grace Jones. She is turned slightly to the right and side, and is looking slightly to the left. The image was painted digitally using a limited colour palette, consisting of eight colours, including white.
Media: Digital.

I painted a completely different image of Grace Jones early last year, but I wasn’t quite happy with how it turned out. After painting the Nina Simone portrait I decided to paint Grace in the same style and actually the same colour palette. I’ve been really enjoying expanding on this limited colour palette portrait style, especially as it shows I can create some more vivid imagery.

The reference image for this portrait was a promotional image from the 1985 film James Bond: A View To A Kill, where Grace played the assassin and bodyguard May Day. If you want to see the image with the reference image, feel free to check out the Instagram post.

If you’re looking to have a portrait, like this one, made, or maybe have an exciting project where you need help from an artist/illustrator, please send me a mail!