Kan Min

A portrait of Kan Min, a very good friend of mine. While the portrait is a bit stylised, it's leaning more realistic as it's painted using only ten colours, in ranges of peachy skin tones to blue and even purple.
Media: Digital.

I was commissioned by a very good friend of mine to paint her portrait based on a selfie she had taken. While I have painted a lot of well known faces, it is something a bit different to paint someone you know very well. You would have thought that I would have gotten this portrait right on the first try, but that wasn’t the case despite knowing the subject. I am really glad I got to perfect the portrait through the feedback she gave.

If you’re in the market for a portrait, or maybe have a project which require an artist/illustrator, feel free to get in touch!

The initial stylised portrait of Kan Min. This image is painted using only six colours, mostly peachy and purple tones, but also white.

First try

Media: Digital.

This first attempt has a more dull colour palette, which also are missing some much needed contrast.

The second portrait of Kan Min, with more colours than the previous one, a slightly softened, but still feels quiet stylised.

Second try

Media: Digital.

For the second attempt more colours variation was added, which created a more interesting image. Amends were also made to some of the