Luke Skywalker

Digital portrait of Luke Skywalker from Star Wars; A New Hope. Luke is facing the right hand side of the image, eyes wide and lips parted with eyes visible. The image is painted digitally using only ten colours including white.
Media: Digital.

I decided to give my Luke Skywalker portrait a new go, as my limited colour palette portrait style has changed slightly since I painted the one below. One of my goals for this image was to add more interest, which I created by using more colours and colour contrasts, which has been missing from previous portraits.That said, I also used the same colour palette as the one of Princess Leia and Han Solo in the same style, which might not be fully representative of the colours in the reference image. Check out the post on my Instagram to see the portrait and reference images in one place.

If you’re in the market for a portrait, or maybe have a project which could use an artist/illustrator, get in touch!

Digital stylised portrait of Luke Skywalker from Star Wars; A New Hope, painted in four colours, containing three hues of blue with a maroon background.

Luke Skywalker - Huely 2020

Media: Digital.

While I may have painted Princess and General Leia more times than I have any other Star Wars character, as a kid I really loved the story which revolved around Luke Skywalker, especially in A New Hope, where he went from this naïve boy at his uncle’s farm, and being able to follow his dreams as a pilot in the rebellion.

This image is part of a mini series of Star Wars portraits, created during my limited colour palette art challenge, Huely, which takes place in July. The series also contain portraits of Princess Leia and Han Solo. Previously I have painted Luke and Leia together in a similar style, but a slightly different colour palette.

The time lapse and creation of this portrait is up on YouTube, it’s bundled with the other portraits in the series. If you want to see just this portrait, the process starts at the 2:37 mark.