Nina Simone

A digital portrait of singer Nina Simone who is facing the right hand side of the image staring off into the distance. The image was painted digitally using a limited colour palette, consisting of eight colours, including white.
Media: Digital.

Since painting the portrait below I have changed my portrait style quite a bit, slightly moving away from a naturalistic style to a more stylised one where I often utilise a limited colour palette. I thought this portrait was another good chance to exaggerate some of the colours, meaning I was hoping to mimic some of the colours from the reference photo, but not following it entirely. If you want to see the image with the reference image, feel free to check out the post on my Instagram account.

If you’re looking to have a portrait, like this one, made, or maybe have an exciting project where you need help from an artist/illustrator, please send me a mail!

A digital portrait of singer Nina Simone, painted in a realistic style in hues of red and purples. Nina is facing the left hand side of the image, shown entirely in profile mode, staring into the distance. Her is up in a tall up do with pearl decorations hanging from her hair, which also mirror the jewelry hanging from her ears and the thin bejewled strap of her top.
Media: Digital.

This portrait was the first one I did of late and great singer Nina Simone. It was painted in January of 2020, and based on an image used for the cover of her single, “Ain’t got no; I got life / Real Real”. You can also view this image on Instagram, where you can see it next to my reference image. And if you’re interested in seeing the painting process behind this image, it’s available on YouTube.