Portrait of a father

A grey scale portrait of a.
Media: Digital.

I was approached to paint this portrait which was to be a gift to my commissioner’s mother for her birthday. While this is a digital image, it is meant to look like it was using more traditional medium, charcoal and graphite to be exact, which is what my commissioner wanted, the style is actually very loosely based on my portrait of Dave Grohl which I did earlier this year.

I really enjoy painting portraits, be it of musicians, actors and actresses, people’s loved ones or pets. The challenge I like is trying to fully achieve likeness, especially when it comes to people’s loved ones (human or fur babies). Obviously the families will have a much greater familiarity to who I draw, which means they’d be able to tell if something isn’t right.

All that said. If you are in the market for a portrait of a loved one, or an illustration, be it for a special day or event, or small or big projects: I am open for Commissions. So please get in touch.