Queen Elizabeth II

On September 8th 2022 the news broke that Queen Elizabeth II passed away. She reigned for 70 years over The United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, which is the longest reign of any English royal, and the longest reign of any female regent. I wanted to create a series of images to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II.

Portrait of a young Queen Elizabeth II, as she was pictured at her coronation.
Media: Digital.

The first image I created was this portrait of the Queen based on images from her coronation in 1953.

The aim was to create a simple illustration, though one that would also honour Queen Elizabeth II. Therefore, I decided to use a limited colour palette, which only consisted of five colours, including white. The aim wasn’t to create a perfect and naturalistic render of the Queen, but it’s also a nod to the designs used on the English notes, which would feature her portrait in profile, though as the image would be pressed onto coins it needed to be a little bit stylised. Of course, this is also one of the portrait styles I tend to work in, so it all married up quite well.

If you’re after a portrait in this style then feel free to get in touch!

Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II as we've been used to see her in the past 10-20 years, though pictured in a similar way as in her coronation..
Media: Digital.

For the second portrait I focused on a more up-to date portrait of the Queen, so something closer to how we’re used to seeing her. Though I wanted there to be a similarity to the previous portrait, so I kept the same pose, and the same crown.

A sad corgi mourning the loss of its owner.
Media: Digital.

Right, so this image isn’t a portrait of the Queen at all. But, Queen Elizabeth II was known for being a dog lover and throughout her life she owned a lot of corgis, many of which she bred herself as well. Therefore it felt quite appropriate to paint a mourning corgi. Due to the Queen’s love for corgis, they sometimes appear to be a figure head for the royal family.