A stylised portrait of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, from the 'Empire Strikes Back' era.
Media: Digital.

I drew this image for Star Wars day (May 4th), because when I think of Star Wars they’re two of my go to characters. This drawing is based on a promotional photo for ‘Empire Strikes Back’. It seems to me that regardless of being on screen together or in real life, the main cast of Star Wars always stuck together and supported each other, which really warms my heart.

A stylised portrait of Luke Skywalker and General Leia, from the 'The Last Jedi' era.

After finishing the previous drawing I wanted to draw another version of the twins; and I remembered this beautiful promotional photo from ‘The Last Jedi’, captured by photographer by Annie Leibovitz. It was really touching to find an image which so perfectly match the previous one, though of the characters, and actors, all grown up. Their embrace is almost identical, but they’ve swapped places, meaning these two drawings fit so well together, at least in my opinon.