Painting portraits has always been a challenge I've enjoyed taking on, and it doesn't really matter who the subject is, be it's a portrait for an editorial illustration, the loved one of a customer, or self initiated portraits of celebrities and fictional characters. The challenge remains the same: to capture the likeness of the subject, which usually means using one or multiple reference images. If you like what you see here, and want a portrait of a loved one, yourself, or maybe for an article, please reach out.


When someone mention portrait paintings, they often refer to the painting of people, however, often times people would like a portrait of their beloved pets as well. And there is no wonder this is the case, as pets are such a big part of our families, and we love them dearly. If you have a pet or two you'd like a portrait of, please feel free to drop me a line.

Of course if you love all kinds of animals, I'd recommend checking out the animals section of my site as well, there might be some more animals you like there.