Antelope Canyon

A painting of the rock formations found Antelope Canyon, which is located in Arizona USA. The image is painted in a limited colour palette consisting of brown, dusky pink, yellow and cream.
Media: Digital.

Antelope Canyon is located in Arizona on Navajo land. The canyon was formed by erosion of the Navajo Sandstone, which as created amazing flowing caverns.

I painted this image during my limited colour palette challenge during July 2021, an art challenge I’ve dubbed Huely. For a few of the colour palettes I wanted to focus on painting landscapes, I opted for painting scenery found in US National Parks, as they tend to be so different from what I am used to seeing, and there are so many breathtaking views. It’s also a way for me to travel through imagery, and explore scenery I might not otherwise have seen. Antelope Canyon seemed really perfect for this warm toned colour palette as it mimics the colour of the sandstone so well.

Two other images were painted using this colour palette, namely Delicate Arch and Sequoia National Park.