Delicate Arch

A painting of Delicate Arch, a stone arch located in Arches National Park, in Utah USA. The image is painted in a limited colour palette consisting of brown, dusky pink, yellow and cream.
Media: Digital.

Delicate arch is one of the most photographed and well known stone arch in Arches National Park. The national park is located in Utah in the US, and got its name from the over 2000 natural sandstone arches found in the park, and it contains the highest density of natural stone arches in the world. Several months after making this I revisited the image and made a poster, so check that out!

This image was painted during my limited colour palette challenge during July 2021, or Huely, as I’ve dubbed it. I wanted to so a series of landscape images, and figured that US national parks could be a good topic as there’s such an array of different types of climates and sights found there. For this warm toned colour palette a desert scenery was on top of the list. I’ve seen so many amazing photos of Delicate arch in particular for so many years, which put it at the top of my list of places to paint. The colour palette definitively makes the image seem like it’s set in the height of summer with soaring temperatures, despite the sun starting to set.

Two other images were painted using this colour palette, namely Antelope Canyon and Sequoia National Park.