Poster mock-up featuring Joshua Tree National Park at dusk. The destination is written on the bottom of the poster, which reads
Media: Digital.

I’ve been enjoying making posters for different destination posters. I was searching for ideas and decided I really wanted to revisit the image I did of Joshua Tree National Park. National parks often makes really good posters, as they’re places people will visit. Also, I was really happy with the original image I made almost two years earlier, which can be seen below, but if I was to make it into an actual poster it would have to be partially repainted. It was also a good opportunity to see how my style has changed almost two years later.

Digital painting of Joshua Tree National Park at night showing bright stars in the sky.
Media: Digital.

This initial image was painted back in May 2020. It as part of a bigger series, of destination images, all painted within a circle. Many of the destinations were suggested by my followers on Instagram and Patreon.

This image has also been made into a print, and there’s more of my prints avialable in my print shop.