Northern lights

Digital painting of pink northern lights, which illuminates some of the scenery which is covered by snow. Painted digitally in hues of dark blue and pinks and purple.
Media: Digital.

I decided to have another go at my last year’s painting of northern lights (see below), but I decided to go for a darker version, to try to make it seem like it is in the middle of the night.

One of the reasons I wanted to have another go at this image was because I was considering what to do for Christmas cards this year, if I was to do them. Last year I ended up drawing a few rather Christmassy paintings, like the original northern lights, but some of them were painted too late in the year to even consider making them into cards.

Digital painting of the pink northern lights lighting up the sky over a snow covered scenery. The image is painted using a limited colour palette of white, dark blue, blue, pink and green.
Media: Digital.

After having drawn a few different northern light themed images, like the Fox and northern lights image. To be honest I just wanted to play around with the colours a bit more, and use some brighter colours for the northern lights itself.