Sequoia National Park

A painting featuring some of the trees found in Sequoia National Park at golden hour. To show the size of the trees I added a rabbit for scale. The image is painted in a limited colour palette consisting of brown, dusky pink, green, yellow and cream.
Media: Digital.

Sequoia National Park is located California. The park houses groves of large sequoia trees, and also is home to The General Sherman tree, the world’s largest living tree. Several months after making this I revisited the image and made a poster, so check that out!

This image is part of a trio of images using the same colour palette, though unlike the other two, this one is set in winter, because I wanted to show that even warm-toned colours can work great for a winter scenery, especially set in during the golden hour. The series include Delicate Arch and Antelope Canyon.

The image was painted during my limited colour palette art challenge during July 2021, which I’ve dubbed Huely. I dedicated a few of the colour palettes to landscapes, as I it allows me to both travel through art, but also gives me a chance to research landscapes and scenery I otherwise might not have known about, and put a few destinations on my travel wish list.