Torii gate

A torii gate standing on top of a mountain, with a large sun behind it. The image is painted in warm hues of yellow, orange, pink and purples, though the sun itself is painted in white.
Media: Digital illustration.

A torii gate standing on top of a mountain. This isn’t meant to illustrate an actual place, though I know torii gates can be found on mountains, cliffs and islands, meaning there might be similar views to this.

This image is kind of what kicked off the entire Creative journey series, however, at the time I didn’t have a storyline in mind, though the story evolved as I was working through Huely* 2023. As this image doesn’t include the caped character, and doesn’t fully tie in to the story as much as I’d like, and is therefore counted as a standalone image. I created another image using this exact colour palette; Lift off, which similarly wasn’t initially part of the creative journey series, but it also helped inspire it.

*Huely is a limited colour palette art challenge I run, that takes place during the month of July. The aim is to create illustrations or designs using a maximum of five colours, plus black and white. Smudge tools, transparencies and blending modes can also be used to create additional colour variations. The challenge is named after “hue”, another word for colour, and “July”, which is pronounced “hue lye”, as the two words are simply mashed together.