View of Oslo

Mock up poster showing a person sitting among some pine trees looking out over an urban landscape and fjord. The lights shine from the street and buildings below, which are meant to resemble Oslo city centre. The image is set at twilight, and painted in hues of purple, blue, pinks and yellows.
Media: Digital.

Oslo is a rather remarkable capital city, in fact it’s also classified as a county and a municipality as well. The city lies by the Oslo fjord, with large parts of the city centre facing the waterfront. However, Oslo encompass a rather large area included forested hills, and parts fo two major forests. This means that just by jumping on a tram, a metro, a train or a bus, you could get out of the city centre and into a forest within half an hour. This probably isn’t a big surprise to those enjoying winter sports, as Holmenkollen in Oslo often hosts winter sports, including ski jumping, biathlon and cross country skiing.

North of the city centre we find Grefsenåsen, a mountain which at its highest point (379 meters above sea level) houses Grefsenkollen restaurant at its highest point. When painting this view of Oslo, I know I had to paint the view from Grefsenkollen as it has an incredible view of not just the city centre and the fjord, but it also offers views to Holmenkollen and Nordmarka, the forest to the north of Oslo.

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