White Sands National Park

A painting of some of the landscape of White Sands National Park painted in a limited colour palette consisting of purple, blue, orange, yellow, cream and white.
Media: Digital.

Don’t be fooled, this image might seem like it’s a wintery image, but those white dunes are actually sand. The sand consists of gypsum crystals, and the white sand dunes of course give the name to the national park which is located in New Mexico, which happens to be the most visited national park in the state. The area has been a US national monument since 1933, but in 2019 it was redesignated as a national park.

This image was painted during my July 2021 art challenge, dubbed Huely, where I work with limited colour palettes throughout the month of July. A few of the colour palettes were dedicated to landscapes, as it would allow me to travel through art, and through researching different places I otherwise would have known little about.

There are a total of three images painted using this colour palette, which includes Horsetail Fall and Biscayne National Park.