During the spring of 2020 the world struggled with a pandemic of the Corona-19 virus. But one illustrator decided to start a project named The Window Project, where artists were invited to share drawings of their windows or of windows they could see from their own windows.

The rules for adding your own window was simply that that the images would have a white or transparent background. Though, I have to admit I went a little bit off topic, as I wanted to illustrate windows which make me smile, be it from seeing them, or because I can vividly remember it.

A window with Saintpaulia flowers, two hanging ceramic owls and three hanging lamps.
Media: Digital.

This window is one of the living room windows at my late grandparents’ house. I drew it from memory, though I have to admit I was used a reference for the owl pendants, as they’re in my possession. I know I might be missing out some knickknacks or other flowers in the window, but I always remember that they had Saintpaulia flowers in there, often because we gave some to them when we were visiting.

A window featuring two large Lego men, a plant and a lamp.
Media: Digital.

This window belongs to my brother. He does indeed have giant Lego men sitting in his window. I don’t remember where he got them, but I think it may have been something he got through his old job when he worked at a toy store. During Christmas time he even puts Santa hats on them.

A window featuring a big lamp and orchids.
Media: Digital.

Finally we have my grandmother’s window. She’s known for having a green thumb, especially with orchids. She has several orchids in her windows, many more than I drew here. It’s not uncommon for her to have at least two or three orchids in bloom at the same time, many of which she’s had for years.