Winter cabin

A digital painting of an a-frame cabin situated in a winter landscape. The scenery, including spruce trees and the cabin, is covered in snow, and the sky is dark but lit with a crescent moon and stars. The cabin has one wall of floor to ceiling windows, and is lit from within. silhouettes of two people standing by the window as well as hints of furniture is barely visible. Smoke rise from the cabin's chimney which shows how warm and cosy the cabin really is.
Media: Digital.

After having painted a several winter sceneries, I wanted to change things up a bit, and add more of a human element to the image. I wanted to add a bit of architecture, and decided to paint this lovely a-frame cabin.

While the cabin is man made, it mirrors a lot of the shapes of the surrounding trees. Though as the cabin is painted in warm tones, it also stands out from the cool environment, making it seem like a safe and cosy refuge in the winter. As the lights are on, I also chose to add a human element of showing some of the furniture by the window, as well as two people standing in the window looking up at the starry night sky.