Winter landscapes

Dark trees create a contrast to the snow and the fiery red winter sky at sunset.
Media: Watercolours.

Most of our seasons are colourful, it is often winter which often create the deepest contrasts, yet also allow us to focus on the landscape in conjunction with the brilliant colours of the sky.

This image was based on a photo by the talented photographer Tony Dvorak who usually focus on photographing wildlife.

Dark and naked trees stand as a stark contrast to the snow at their base, all reflecting in the river as the sun hangs low in the sky.
Media: Watercolours.

To me there’s no real winter without snow; it just makes everything feel so fresh and cosy. Light and ice reflect the sunlight so beautifully.

This image is based on a photo by MoveMoon on instagram and was posted in her stories some time ago. When I saw this image it just instantly reminded me of home, and all the things I love about winter.